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GTR2 Aussie V8 Supercars Mod and Tracks

I've been meaning to check out the Aussie V8 Supercars mod for GTR2 for a while now. After watching replays of the series every Tuesday on the Speed Channel, I finally got around to downloading the mod so I could check it out. It was done by the Mr Men Mod Team and it's a must have if you're a fan of the series. It's similar to the V8 mod they originally created for rFactor before the ORSM V8factor mod was released. Check below for download links to the mod and the tracks currently available. The tracks that aren't linked haven't been released yet but I'll update the post when they become available. A big thanks to Mr Men Mod Team for this great addition to GTR2.

Download the Aussie V8 Supercars Mod for GTR2:
MMMV8 Supercars v1.0

Download Aussie V8 Supercars Tracks for GTR2:
Eastern Creek
Hidden Valley
Oran Park
Phillip Island
Symmons Plains

Daytona Road Course Track for rFactor and GTR2

With the 24 Hours of Daytona coming up this weekend, I spent some time checking out the Daytona Road Course tracks for rFactor and GTR2. These tracks have been available for a week or two so many of you probably have them already but if not, here you go. The track was converted from Nascar Racing 2003 by James Burroughs of and he did a great job on them (also grab River Road Raceway from his site if you don't have it, it's another great track for rFactor). I like his latest version of the Daytona RC even better than the one he previously released that was later pulled due to some permission issues. Download links for both the rFactor and GTR2 versions can be found below. There's also a link to the fix for the rFactor version that includes the correct colors for the rumble strips. The screenshots are from rFactor using the ProtoRacer mod. For multi-class racing on this track, check out the All Car Challenge mod at rFactor Central.

Download the Daytona Road Course for rFactor (29MB): (rumble strip fix)
rFactor Central

Download the Daytona Road Course for GTR2 (25MB):
NoGrip Racing

Watkins Glen Long Released for GTR2

Mr DutchDevil has released the three layout version of Watkins Glen for GTR2. It's a conversion of Jason's excellent Watkins Glen track for rFactor. I love the rFactor version and it's great to see this track make its way to GTR2. You can download the track from FileFront or Rapidshare. For more info, you can check out the release announcement thread at RSC.

GTR2 Patch 1.1 Released – Change Notes

The GTR2 1.1 patch is now available. The patch is about 38MB in size and you can find a list of download mirrors at the GTR2 website. Be sure to download the correct patch for your version of GTR2. Change notes are listed below.

GTR2 Patch 1.1 Change Notes:

• Fixed performance hit in Changeable Weather
• Fixed missing race groove in driving school
• Fixed car number missing from results export
• Fixed inconsistency with "Pit Exit Arrow" UI option
• Fixed inconsistency with "Mirrors" UI option - Mirrors are now on in game when UI shows on
• Fixed Custom Championship "European 360 Champions Cup" incorrect reference to "Dubai North"
• Fixed Custom Championships with F575s that contained duplicate drivers
• Improved car balance in custom Championship "Super Endurance Drivers Championship"
• Improved statistics tracking in Player Profile
• Allow manual pit control in Novice mode
• Fixed bug where some cars would not visibly show repaired body damage after pitstops
• Fixed bug where corner markers would no longer show after first car crossed the finish line
• Fixed bug where track award video was shown when no track was awarded
• Fixed bug where Wrong time indicator and position were displayed during some Driving lessons
• Added option to skip award videos
• Enabled "+auto" command line option on the dedicated server
• Fixed bug where "Show All" drivers lobby option was not working on first entry to Lobby
• Fixed bug where the Fuel and Tyre wear labels were inverted on the dedicated server
• Fixed bug where "-1/16 players" was sometimes shown on the in-game server UI
• Fixed bug where the Lobby lists would sometimes overflow the display areas

Track Specific
• Valencia
- Corrected an issue where the Pole position was on the wrong side of the track
- Fixed a bug where some terrain areas caused cars to flip
- Fixed a bug where the tirewalls graphics were corrupted by headlights
• Magny Cours
- Fixed low-res textures on some boards
- Fixed a bug where the track would cause a CTD on some hardware
• Spa Francorchamps
- Corrected a graphical issue on one of the curbs
• Zuhai
- Corrected an issue where laps weren't registered by cars performing pit stops.

Car Specific
• Murcielago
- Corrected a graphical issue on the right rear wheelarch
• Ferrari JMB 575
- Fixed a bug where the steering wheel was not disabled when the option for visible steeringwheel is unchecked

GTR2 Tracks: Watkins Glen 1.1

Alex73 has released his version 1.1 of his Watkins Glen track for GTR2. It is based on his previous rFactor conversion and features the NASCAR layout. Links to the download and the post at RSC can be found below.

Watkins Glen 1.1 for GTR2:
Download (28 MB)
Release Thread at RaceSimCentral