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GTR2 Reviews

GTR2 has been out long enough now to make the rounds at the various gaming review sites and judging from the scores, they like it... they really like it! They'll get no argument from me. From what little I've played (my DFP is still on the fritz and no G25...yet), I think Simbin and 10tacle have a real winner on their hands. After checking out all the additions and improvements that came with GTR2, I much prefer it over the original game which I also thought was very good. Considering SimBin dropped Starforce for this release (big kudos there) and the game can be had for as little as $20 at BestBuy, there's no reason for sim racing fans not to have GTR2 on their hard drives. I'm sure some LFS players will disagree, they're funny like that ;). Check out the GTR2 reviews and a few widescreen screenshots below. Regarding the screenshots, I picked up a Samsung 205BW a couple weeks ago and the shots are at 1680x1050 (probably not dial-up friendly). I was really surprised by the difference a widescreen monitor makes for sim racing. I'll post some more screenshots from some other sims soon.

10/30/2006 Update: I added a couple more reviews to the bottom of the list. One is from and the other is from SimHQ. The three part SimHQ review is easily the best of the bunch which probably comes as no surprise. Their review also contains some useful info for people that have already purchased the game so check it out if you haven't yet.

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GTR2 Hockenheim and Zhuhai Video Trailers

In what's sure to be a media onslaught leading up to the retail release of the game, 10tacle and SimBin have released two GTR2 video trailers. The Zhuhai trailer is a WMV version of the flash video that made an appearance on the GTR2 website not long ago. The Hockenheim trailer is new, or least I haven't seen it before. Both trailers are of very good quality, especially the Zhuhai video which is 1280x720. After playing the demo and messing around with the various hacks available, I'm really looking forward to picking this one up.

GTR2 Hockenheim Trailer Download Mirrors (42MB):
Local Mirror
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GTR2 Zhuhai Trailer Download Mirrors (78MB):
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GTR2 Demo Screenshots

As promised, here's a batch of screenshots from the recently released GTR2 demo (download mirrors). They're nothing special as far as screenshots go and they don't look nearly as good as the 3D Panoramic shots I posted about a few weeks ago. The interface has been changed a bit but for the most part it's similar to the interface in the original GTR. If you haven't noticed, Race Sim Central has opened up a GTR2 forum for discussion about the demo and upcoming retail release. If you're having technical problems or looking for setups etc, the RSC forum would be a good place to start. It took spending a couple of hours with the demo and trying some different setups before I was sold on the game. The default setup seems way too grippy and it gave me the impression that either some driver aids were still turned on or SimBin was taking more of an arcade racer approach with the game. After finding a setup and tweaking it a bit here and there, all is well. The cars are easy enough to drive but difficult to drive fast, which is the way it should be. It's not perfect but what racing sim is? Let's hope the netcode is up to snuff. If it's even reasonbly close to that of rFactor, I'll be a happy customer.

GTR2 Demo Download Mirrors

The GTR2 demo has been released! It checks in at 312MB which is a bit smaller than expected. In case you haven't heard by now, 10tacle has dropped Starforce copy protection in favor of Securerom so apparently this demo doesn't contain Starforce as the previous GTR demos did. I'm sure many people will be disappointed but that's no reason not to give it a try! Actually, big kudos to 10tacle for listening to the community. There's links to a couple of download mirrors below. I'll post more links as I find them. I'll try to get some screenshots up as well.

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GTR2 Demo to be Released Friday

According to this page at Gamepsot, SimBin and 10tacle will be releasing a single player demo of their highly anticipated GTR2 racing simulator this Friday. The demo will be just over 500MB in size and feature two vehicles from the FIA GT class. Sim racers will be able to compete against up to 15 AI controlled opponents at the Barcelona Grand Prix circuit. If the timer on the Gamespot page is accurate, look for the demo to be released about noon EST this Friday. I'll post a list of download mirrors as soon as the demo is available. A multiplayer demo would have been nice but hopefully the netcode is at least as good as rFactor's. From the info at Gamespot, it also appears that the GTR2 release date has been pushed back to September 30, 2006. I think most people were expecting it to be on shelves sometime in August. For more info on GTR2, check out the interview with SimBin's Ian Bell in the latest AutoSimSport. Digital Displacement also has a ton of info on GTR2 including screenshots, videos and impressions from a beta release of the game. There's more than enough info there to hold you over 'til Friday so check it out if you havent seen it.