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Virtua_LM Releases Le Mans 1972-1986 for rFactor

Le Mans 1972-1986 version 1.0 by Virtua_LM is now available for download. rFactor fans have been looking forward to this track for months and it was worth the wait. It's strange that they would just up and release it today out of the blue. The Virtua_LM guys did an outstanding job on the track and it's easily one of the best available for rFactor. There's a list of download mirrors below. The readme specifically requests that other people don't host the file so I won't be uploading it here, sorry. I'm really looking forward to see what Virtua_LM comes up with next. If this track is any indication of what we can expect, rFactor is just going to keep getting better and better.

Download Le Mans 1972-1986 1.0 for rFactor (85MB):
Virtua_LM Le Mans Project

rFactor Virtua_LM Le MansrFactor Virtua_LM Le MansrFactor Virtua_LM Le Mans

Live for Speed Patch X Released

It looks like the LFS devs have been busy. Just a couple of months after the release of patch W comes patch X and it includes a whole slew of additions and changes. You can use the autoupdate feature within the Live for Speed multiplayer menu to install the patch. There's far too many changes to list here but some of the highlights are listed below.

Partial List of Changes for LFS Patch X:
- Maximum number of cars increased to 32
- False starts are now possible
- Preload added to clutch pack differentials to improve handling
- Skin improvements and a high resolution premium skin download service
- Global class balancing system
- A new version of InSim

For a more complete list, visit the Live for Speed website or this thread in the forum.

Is rFactor About to Rain on our Parade?

A new video showed up on Youtube yesterday showing off rain in rFactor. It appears to be some kind of promo video from the ISI/Intel/BMW Sauber F1 deal. Considering ISI has stated there are no more major patches coming for the current version of rFactor, it looks like we'll have to wait for the next version to slip and slide. Whatever the case may be, it looks really good so sign me up.

There's a thread over at RSC about this video. Maybe one of the ISI guys will chime in with some more info.

Edit: The hi-res version of this video can be downloaded from RapidShare.

McLaren F1 Challenge 3.0 Released for rFactor

Dave Purdy and Co. have released version 3.0 of their McLaren F1 Challenge rFactor mod. The latest version includes some nice changes and improvements to what I think is one of the best car add-ons for rFactor.

Here's a summarized list of what's new in 3.0:

• User selectable dash for both the GTR or LM cars.
• Driver change possible though upgrade.
• GTR lap times will be competitive against a certain unmentionable mod.
• LM laptimes will be competitive with some other quick cars around.
• New tires with new curves.
• Totally new and original suspension design.
• Adjusted engine heating, cooling and fuel parameters.
• New skins courtesy of Frank Amend, Dai and others.

For a more complete list of fixes and changes along with full credits for the mod, check out the readme included in the archive or visit this thread over at Race Sim Central.

Download the McLaren F1 Challenge Mod v3.0 for rFactor (68MB):
Local Mirror

rFactor McLaren F1rFactor McLaren F1rFactor McLaren F1

rFactor Panoz Addon Released

Previously available only to premium Race2Play members, the official ISI Panoz car add-on for rFactor can now be downloaded by the unwashed masses. The mod includes four configurations of the Panoz including the GTS, the Esperante, the ALMS GT2, and the Panoz GTR-1. You'll find a list of download mirrors below. For Panoz setups, head over to rFactorCentral. The guys did a great job with this add-on and it's nice to see an officially licensed car like the Panoz make its way to rFactor.

"By acquiring the Esperante license, we're able to bring rFactor players the thrilling experience of driving this acclaimed auto with a level of accuracy not found anywhere else," said Gjon Camaj, Vice President of Product Development at ISI.

rFactor Panoz Addon Download Mirrors (96MB):
Local Mirror

rFactor PanozrFactor PanozrFactor Panoz