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GTR Races Its Way to the Xbox 360

THQ and Simbin have announced a deal that will bring GTR to the Xbox 360 console. Team Xbox has the complete story along with some screenshots and a high definition trailer. The trailer doesn't show much ingame footage but what's there does look good. This is a multi-title deal between Simbin and THQ so we can expect to see more than just GTR. Considering the fact that SimBin recently acquired the WTTC license, I think we can expect to see a World Touring Car game make its way to the console. A port of GT Legends wouldn't surprise me either. Of course, all of this will be for naught if Microsoft doesn't do something about the lack of a good force feedback wheel for their latest console. Sorry MS, but MadCatz doesn't cut it. The Xbox 360 has the potential to be a very good platform for sim racing but I can't see it even getting out of the pits without proper controller support.

Aston Martin DBR9 Cup Released for GTR

The guys responsible for some of the better add ons for GTR have released their Aston Martin DBR9 Cup mod. It's been a while since I've fired up GTR but I'm a big Aston Martin fan so I had to take these beauties for a spin. I did a few laps at Spa and the guys did a great job on the cars. The Cup contains 45 cars total and should be considered a must have for any GTR fan. There's some info on the mod in this thread at and it can be downloaded from Euro Mod Crew or Team SSR. Here's some screens of the DBR9's in their natural habitat. Maybe I was just a little overzealous on that last one.