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Video of Microsoft Force-Feed Back Wheel for Xbox 360 has a preview video of the upcoming force-feedback wheel for the Xbox 360. It can be operated in either wireless or wired mode with wireless operation limted to rumble effects only. It's obviously no Logitech G25 but you can't really expect it to be considering it will probably end up being be less than half the price. It's difficult to judge from the video but the wheel looks to have quite a large footprint and seems somewhat cumbersome. The way they've designed the base for the pedals is pretty interesting and it looks like it might prevent them from sliding around the living room floor as you crash your buddies in turn 1 over Xbox Live. Hopefully the pedal set will employ some type of carpet grabber mechanism as well as I can't see the heel placement accommodating everyone's foot size, especially younger children. I've been looking forward to Forza 2 for a while now and while it would be nice to see the Xbox 360 provide some support for the G25 or Driving Force Pro, I'm not holding my breath. If it's reasonably priced (I've heard rumors of $130-$150), I'll most likely pick up the Microsoft wheel when Forza 2 hits the shelves and post my impressions along with some photos. Now, where is Rallisport Challenge 3? Hmmm...

Logitech Unveils G25 Force Feedback Wheel for PC and PS2

Logitech unveiled its new G25 force feedback racing wheel at E3 yesterday. Notable features include a six-speed gated shifter and pedal assembly that inludes a clutch. The Logitech G25 is compatible with the PC and the Playstation console and will be available directly from Logitech and select retailers in October. Logitech will also be producing a wheel for the Xbox 360 with "axial feedback" technology. I think that's a fancy way of saying it doesn't have true force feedback. Why do I have that sinking feeling that Xbox 360 owners will once again have to settle for a second rate wheel compared to the hardware that's available the PS2/3 and PC? Maybe that funky looking wheel being released by Microsoft for Forza 2 will be at least as good as their old Sidewinder wheels.