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Live for Speed Patch X Released

It looks like the LFS devs have been busy. Just a couple of months after the release of patch W comes patch X and it includes a whole slew of additions and changes. You can use the autoupdate feature within the Live for Speed multiplayer menu to install the patch. There's far too many changes to list here but some of the highlights are listed below.

Partial List of Changes for LFS Patch X:
- Maximum number of cars increased to 32
- False starts are now possible
- Preload added to clutch pack differentials to improve handling
- Skin improvements and a high resolution premium skin download service
- Global class balancing system
- A new version of InSim

For a more complete list, visit the Live for Speed website or this thread in the forum.

Live for Speed S2 Alpha Patch U Released

Scawen and Co. have released a new patch for Live For Speed S2. It includes a few changes and adresses some problems people were having with the patch that was released about a week ago. Here's the blurb:

We are very pleased with the reaction to the S and T versions. Various fixes and improvements have been done in the week since version S was released. Thanks to all who tested and commented on the test patches. Patch U is quite an improvement and we expect this to be the stable version for some time while we have a little break then get on with more S2 work, on the way to S2 final.

Download mirrors and discussion for patch U can be found in this thread on the Live for Speed forum.

Live for Speed S2 Alpha S Released

The highly anticipated "S" patch for Live for Speed S2 has been released. Unless you've been under a rock, you know that this latest update includes the BMW Sauber F1 car. Congrats to the LFS devs for getting this car in game. It can only mean good things for one of the best racing sims out there. The patch also includes several changes and bug fixes. For a complete list of all the goodies included in patch S, check out this post by Scawen at the Live for Speed forum. After a quick (err, not so quick) run around Blackwood, the tire modeling improvements are very noticeable and a welcome change. Of course, with the physics changes included in the patch, all the hot laps and world records have been wiped from LFS World so get in while the gettin's good. There's a big list of mirrors to download patch S over in the Live for Speed downloads section. I'll try post some screenshots and maybe a movie later today.