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TPSCC – The Pits Stock Car Challenge Released for rFactor

Just in time for the start of NASCAR season, The Pits have released their highly anticipated Stock Car Challenge mod for rFactor. Here's a local download mirror (94MB) for the main mod and the 2006 Nextel Cup HiRes Carset (54MB). More download mirrors can be found in this thread at The Pits forum. There are tracks, setups, templates and low res skins available so head over there and check it out. The Pits also recently released a video preview of the mod.

Patch 1.1 Update: There is now a 1.1 patch (33MB) available for the TPSCC rFactor mod. For a list of changes, visit this thread at The Pits forum.

rFactor v1250 Released

ISI has released their latest update for rFactor. You can download v1250 from this local mirror (11MB) or from the list of links provided at For a list of changes and fixes included in the v1250 patch, head over to rF Central. You'll need to have v1150 already installed in order to apply the latest patch. Probably one of the biggest changes you'll notice is the new spotter. Just in time for that highly anticipated stock car mod? Let's hope so =)

Daytona Road Course Track for rFactor and GTR2

With the 24 Hours of Daytona coming up this weekend, I spent some time checking out the Daytona Road Course tracks for rFactor and GTR2. These tracks have been available for a week or two so many of you probably have them already but if not, here you go. The track was converted from Nascar Racing 2003 by James Burroughs of and he did a great job on them (also grab River Road Raceway from his site if you don't have it, it's another great track for rFactor). I like his latest version of the Daytona RC even better than the one he previously released that was later pulled due to some permission issues. Download links for both the rFactor and GTR2 versions can be found below. There's also a link to the fix for the rFactor version that includes the correct colors for the rumble strips. The screenshots are from rFactor using the ProtoRacer mod. For multi-class racing on this track, check out the All Car Challenge mod at rFactor Central.

Download the Daytona Road Course for rFactor (29MB): (rumble strip fix)
rFactor Central

Download the Daytona Road Course for GTR2 (25MB):
NoGrip Racing

Off Road Racing Truck Mod for rFactor

Madcowie has released his Off Road Racing Trucks mod for rFactor. Yes, it's as much fun as it looks! For now, the ORR mod includes one very nice stadium track which can be raced in both directions. There are more tracks on the way. The mod is a blast and definitely worth a try, even if it's "not your thing". Download mirrors and screenshots can be found below. If you want to try these ORR trucks with some other tacks, check out the V8 Buggies mod which includes the Iron Mountain dirt track. Frank.f55's Pike's Peak mod would also be worth a try with these beasts.

Download the Off Road Racing Truck Mod for rFactor (23MB):

rFactor F1 1979 Mod Released by Grand Prix Classics

The highly anticipated F1 1979 mod for rFactor has been released! This thread at RaceSimCentral has all the info about the mod along with some download mirrors. Of course you can also find some download links and info at rFactor Central. The mod comes in two parts; one being the actual mod and the other being the track pack. Cars and tracks included are listed below.

Update: A link to download the GP79 1.1 patch has been added below along with a link to the readme that includes a list of the changes.

F1 1979 Cars:
Alfa Romeo 179
Arrows Cosworth A1 Mk1
Arrows Cosworth A1 Mk2
Arrows Cosworth A2 Mk1
Arrows Cosworth A2 Mk2
ATS Cosworth D2
Brabham Alfa BT48
Brabham Alfa BT48 front wing
Brabham Cosworth BT49
Ensign Cosworth N177
Ensign Cosworth N179 Mk1
Ensign Cosworth N179 Mk2
Ferrari 312 T3
Ferrari 312 T4
Ferrari 312 T4 Slow config.
Fittipaldi Cosworth F6A
Ligier Cosworth JS11
Lotus Cosworth 79
Lotus Cosworth 80 Mk1
Lotus Cosworth 80 Mk2
Mclaren Cosworth M28
Mclaren Cosworth M28B
Mclaren Cosworth M28C
Mclaren Cosworth M28D
Mclaren Cosworth M29
Merzario Cosworth A1B
Rebaque Cosworth HR79
Renault RS-01
Renault RS-11
Renault RS-12
Shadow Cosworth DN9
Shadow Cosworth DN9B
Shadow Cosworth DN9C
Tyrrell Cosworth 009 Mk1
Tyrrell Cosworth 009 Mk2
Tyrrell Cosworth 009 Mk3
Williams Cosworth FW06
Williams Cosworth FW07
Wolf Cosworth WR8
Wolf Cosworh WR8B

F1 1979 Tracks:
Long Beach
Watkins Glen

Download the F1 1979 Mod for rFactor:
F1 1979 Mod (230MB)
F1 1979 Track Pack (144MB)

Download the F1 1979 1.1 Update:
F1 1979 1.1 Patch (35MB)
View the 1.1 Readme.txt