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SimBin’s WTCC Race Game Free this Weekend on Steam

It's the racing sim so good, they're giving it away! Ok, so it's only for the weekend. As you've probably heard by now, Steam users will be able to try SimBin's WTCC: Race Game for free this weekend (January 18-21, 2006). Steam is not without its problems but being able to try out a full game for the weekend is a pretty nice feature. You can start downloading Race (just over 1GB) right now via Steam and the full game will be unlocked at 1PM PST (check Time Zone Converter for your area). The SimBin faithful will be happy to know that the price has been dropped to $29.95 (or $26.95 if you buy within the next 10 days.... but wait, there's more!). Aren't you glad you bought it for $44.50 on release day less than two months ago? Me too! I actually wouldn't mind the price but this game just doesn't measure up to the quality of the other SimBin titles in my opinion. Of course I'm referring to GTR, GT Legends and GTR2 which are all excellent sims. If you like touring car racing, WTCC: Race is certainly worth a try but one of the rFactor mods may be a better choice.

Note to Win2k Users: WTCC: Race still hasn't been patched to run under Win2k. If you're interested in trying the game this weekend, see my post about getting Race to run under Windows 2000. It's a pretty simple fix.

SimBin WTCC RACE Game Reviews

I'll be compiling a running list of reviews for SimBin's WTCC Race Game similar to the list of GTR2 reviews I posted a while back. There's only a couple of reviews so far but I'm sure there will be more in the coming weeks. I haven't spent enough time with the game to offer any real impressions other than it doesn't run nearly as well as GTR2 on my hardware (which is one of the reasons I haven't played it much). The fact that RACE doesn't seem to be as moddable as previous Simbin titles is also somewhat disappointing. Hopefully those clever and talented modders will find a work around but at this point, it doesn't look good. Here's the list of reviews.

SimBin WTCC Race Game Reviews:
AutoSimSport: December 2006 Issue
Computer and Video Games

Getting WTCC Race Game to Run Under Windows 2000

I know some people are having problems getting SimBin's WTCC Race game to run under Windows 2000 (myself included). It took me a while to figure it out but here's a fix until SimBin can (hopefully) patch the game. Copy the Steam.dll and dbghelp.dll files from the root of your Steam folder ( ie: C:\Games\Steam ) and place them into your Race folder (ie: C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\your-steam-user-name\race ). Those folder paths are just examples and will be different on your computer. The game should now start normally and you'll be able to play. If you have any questions or the instructions don't make sense, feel free to post a comment and I'll try to help.

Update: Just a small update to this post since it's the Race free weekend on Steam and many Win2k users will be left wondering why SimBin hates them so much. I discovered this morning that every time Steam updates its core files (ie: the .dll files you have to move for this workaround), you'll have to copy the new versions of the files mentioned above from root of your Steam folder to your Race folder. It stands to reason that you should have to do this but it never crossed my mind when I posted this fix. So if at some point Race refuses to start on Win2k after working previously, check to see if there was an update to Steam and move the .dll files over if there was. All should be well again.

WTCC Race Trailer and Steam Pre-Order Discount Available

Eidos and SimBin have released a new video trailer for their upcoming WTCC RACE game. It shows off some gameplay and features footage of the Macau circuit. You can download the 11MB trailer from the official Race site or grab it from my local mirror (right click save-as). I also uploaded the trailer to Youtube for people that want to check it out without having to download it.

I'm sure most sim racers have heard the news that "RACE: The Official WTCC Game" will be available via Valve Software's Steam digital distribution network on November 24, 2006. People that pre-order will receive a 10% discount, bringing the price down to $40.45 plus applicable tax. If you're not a fan of Steam, the game will also be available from GoGamer on December 1, 2006. I found the Race demo a little underwhelming but I have a feeling the game will feature some great racing with a full grid of cars on the track. I'll be grabbing it from Steam as soon as it's available and I'll probably post some impressions along with plenty of screenshots.

11/22/2006 Update: Just a quick update regarding Steam. The service now allows people to purchase games via PayPal. For those of you purchasing the game through Steam, you can now download the WTCC Race manual from their website in pdf format.

Using GTR2 Tracks in the WTCC RACE Demo

So you've practically worn out Brands Hatch in SimBin's recently released WTCC RACE demo and are wishing you could try some other tracks, say from GTR2. Well, you're in luck. Head over to this thread at RaceSimCentral and download the exe files necessary to play the tracks from your retail copy of GTR2. You'll need to copy the track folders over from your GTR2's Gamedata\Locations folder into the corresponding folder in your RACE demo install. Then start the game using the exe for the track you want to play. The track won't show up in the RACE menu but if you click through, they will load right up. The exe files should reside in the same folder as "Race Demo.exe" for this to work. If you'd rather not download the files individually, I've uploaded a rar file containing all the exe files for the tracks listed below. I've tried several of the tracks without any problems but as with any exe file, use at your own risk! Thanks to the original poster (Alexease) at RSC for making these available and thanks to SimBin for not putting a damper on these types of mods. It's something to hold us over until the full game is available.

RACE GTR2 Track Exe Pack (40MB)

Track Exe Files Included:
Dubai National
Dubai International
Dubai GP
Dubai Club
Hockenheim Short
Hockenheim National
Hockenheim GP
Magny-Cours GP 2004
Magny-Cours GP 2003
Magny-Cours National
Spa GP 2004
Spa GP 2003
Zhuhai GP