Daytona Road Course Track for rFactor and GTR2

With the 24 Hours of Daytona coming up this weekend, I spent some time checking out the Daytona Road Course tracks for rFactor and GTR2. These tracks have been available for a week or two so many of you probably have them already but if not, here you go. The track was converted from Nascar Racing 2003 by James Burroughs of and he did a great job on them (also grab River Road Raceway from his site if you don't have it, it's another great track for rFactor). I like his latest version of the Daytona RC even better than the one he previously released that was later pulled due to some permission issues. Download links for both the rFactor and GTR2 versions can be found below. There's also a link to the fix for the rFactor version that includes the correct colors for the rumble strips. The screenshots are from rFactor using the ProtoRacer mod. For multi-class racing on this track, check out the All Car Challenge mod at rFactor Central.

Download the Daytona Road Course for rFactor (29MB): (rumble strip fix)
rFactor Central

Download the Daytona Road Course for GTR2 (25MB):
NoGrip Racing

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