Getting WTCC Race Game to Run Under Windows 2000

I know some people are having problems getting SimBin's WTCC Race game to run under Windows 2000 (myself included). It took me a while to figure it out but here's a fix until SimBin can (hopefully) patch the game. Copy the Steam.dll and dbghelp.dll files from the root of your Steam folder ( ie: C:\Games\Steam ) and place them into your Race folder (ie: C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\your-steam-user-name\race ). Those folder paths are just examples and will be different on your computer. The game should now start normally and you'll be able to play. If you have any questions or the instructions don't make sense, feel free to post a comment and I'll try to help.

Update: Just a small update to this post since it's the Race free weekend on Steam and many Win2k users will be left wondering why SimBin hates them so much. I discovered this morning that every time Steam updates its core files (ie: the .dll files you have to move for this workaround), you'll have to copy the new versions of the files mentioned above from root of your Steam folder to your Race folder. It stands to reason that you should have to do this but it never crossed my mind when I posted this fix. So if at some point Race refuses to start on Win2k after working previously, check to see if there was an update to Steam and move the .dll files over if there was. All should be well again.

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  1. […] Note to Win2k Users: WTCC: Race still hasn’t been patched to run under Win2k. If you’re interested in trying the game this weekend, see my post about getting Race to run under Windows 2000. It’s a pretty simple fix. […]

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