GTR Races Its Way to the Xbox 360

THQ and Simbin have announced a deal that will bring GTR to the Xbox 360 console. Team Xbox has the complete story along with some screenshots and a high definition trailer. The trailer doesn't show much ingame footage but what's there does look good. This is a multi-title deal between Simbin and THQ so we can expect to see more than just GTR. Considering the fact that SimBin recently acquired the WTTC license, I think we can expect to see a World Touring Car game make its way to the console. A port of GT Legends wouldn't surprise me either. Of course, all of this will be for naught if Microsoft doesn't do something about the lack of a good force feedback wheel for their latest console. Sorry MS, but MadCatz doesn't cut it. The Xbox 360 has the potential to be a very good platform for sim racing but I can't see it even getting out of the pits without proper controller support.

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