Highest and Lowest Sellers at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2007

If you happened to turn on the Speed Channel at any time over the weekend, you likely caught some of the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction. I always end up watching quite a bit of these auctions as they can be pretty addicting for car buffs. Last year I posted the Top 10 sellers from the Palm Beach auction so I figured I would post a list for the latest Scottsdale auction as well. A few of the prices below are skewed a bit due to the fact that some of vehicles on the block were charity bids. For example, the CNN Hummer was auctioned off to benefit the Fisher House Foundation.

As always, there were plenty of motorsports celebrities in attendance including Carroll Shelby whoes 1966 Twin Supercharged 427 Cobra "Super Snake" took top bid of the show at $5.5 million dollars. The lists below show the top 10 highest and lowest sellers for this event. Since there were several cars tied for tenth place, the lists include more than ten entries. If you surf around the Barrett Jackson website a bit, you'll likely find some nice hi-res desktop wallpapers of some of the cars that were on the block. For cropping or resizing, check out Irfanview, a great freeware image utility. There's also a bunch of videos over on YouTube from the 2007 Scottsdale auction. If you'd like to check them out, here's a link to a Barrett Jackson YouTube search sorted by "date added". The Palm Beach auction starts on March 28, 2007.

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