Lienz Festival of Speed Released for rFactor

ISI has released the Lienz Festival of Speed add-on for rFactor. The download is 128MB and they have have a nice list of download mirrors on their website. ISI mentions that it should be used with the 1070 version of rFactor but that it can also be applied to the latest 1087 beta version. If you've installed the latest beta but would like to revert back to version 1070, you're in luck. The guys over at f1rst3 have put together a utility to do just that. I used it earlier today and it works great. You can download it from this thread in their forum. It's recommended that you make a back-up of your rFactor install before installing the Lienz add-on or using the patch swticher utility. A big thanks to ISI and the rest of the people involved in the Lienz project for what looks to be a great add-on. I'll try to post some screenshots later tonight.

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