McLaren F1 Challenge 3.0 Released for rFactor

Dave Purdy and Co. have released version 3.0 of their McLaren F1 Challenge rFactor mod. The latest version includes some nice changes and improvements to what I think is one of the best car add-ons for rFactor.

Here's a summarized list of what's new in 3.0:

• User selectable dash for both the GTR or LM cars.
• Driver change possible though upgrade.
• GTR lap times will be competitive against a certain unmentionable mod.
• LM laptimes will be competitive with some other quick cars around.
• New tires with new curves.
• Totally new and original suspension design.
• Adjusted engine heating, cooling and fuel parameters.
• New skins courtesy of Frank Amend, Dai and others.

For a more complete list of fixes and changes along with full credits for the mod, check out the readme included in the archive or visit this thread over at Race Sim Central.

Download the McLaren F1 Challenge Mod v3.0 for rFactor (68MB):
Local Mirror

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  1. […] Update: Version 3.0 is now available. See the latest post for info and download mirrors. […]

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