McLaren F1 Challenge Mod Released for rFactor

The highly anticipated McLaren F1 Challenge mod has been released for rFactor and it was worth the wait. It's a conversion of the McLarens that were previously released for GTR and the guys behind the mod did a great job. There's a list of download mirrors for the main mod posted below but for info about who was involved along with additional links to other various files that you may need, be sure to see this thread at Race Sim Central. The thread includes plenty of screenshots and also has some info on how to get these beauties to run with the other vehicle classes in rFactor. Below are a few shots of the McLarens doing some laps at Laguna Seca. As far as those last three screenshots, either someone was too hot getting into the corner or the AI got what it deserved for using the same livery as me... maybe both.

McLaren F1 Challenge Download Mirrors:
rTracker (registration required)
Team Tundra

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  1. […] The changes are explained in more detail in the reademe included with the mod so check it out for more info. Version 2.0 feels like a big improvement to an already great mod and it’s nice to see that the stuttering problem with the AI cars that showed up in 1.150 is gone. Here’s a local download mirror for the 98MB mod. It’s a standalone install so you do not need the previous version. There are more download mirrors available at rFactor Central and here’s Dave Purdy’s post announcing the release at Race Sim Central. There’s a few screenshots from Lime Rock Park below and here’s a few more from Laguna Seca. […]

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