SimBin’s WTCC Race Game Free this Weekend on Steam

It's the racing sim so good, they're giving it away! Ok, so it's only for the weekend. As you've probably heard by now, Steam users will be able to try SimBin's WTCC: Race Game for free this weekend (January 18-21, 2006). Steam is not without its problems but being able to try out a full game for the weekend is a pretty nice feature. You can start downloading Race (just over 1GB) right now via Steam and the full game will be unlocked at 1PM PST (check Time Zone Converter for your area). The SimBin faithful will be happy to know that the price has been dropped to $29.95 (or $26.95 if you buy within the next 10 days.... but wait, there's more!). Aren't you glad you bought it for $44.50 on release day less than two months ago? Me too! I actually wouldn't mind the price but this game just doesn't measure up to the quality of the other SimBin titles in my opinion. Of course I'm referring to GTR, GT Legends and GTR2 which are all excellent sims. If you like touring car racing, WTCC: Race is certainly worth a try but one of the rFactor mods may be a better choice.

Note to Win2k Users: WTCC: Race still hasn't been patched to run under Win2k. If you're interested in trying the game this weekend, see my post about getting Race to run under Windows 2000. It's a pretty simple fix.

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