ToCA Race Driver 3 Reviews

ToCA Race Driver 3, Codemasters' latest installment in the series hit the shelves last week so naturally it's been making the rounds at the various gaming review sites. From what I've read, the game has been generally well received although I think some of these reviews can be taken with a large grain of salt. My copy arrived yesterday and it's about what I expected. There's no shortage of content but the physics are lacking and certainly not up to par with the better racing sims out there such as Live for Speed, rFactor and GT Legends. If you're a fan of the racing titles that lean more towards the arcade side of things, it's probably worth picking up considering it has a $30 USD price tag. The game offers several hours of playtime, especially if you enjoy the multiplayer. If you're on the fence about buying this one, trying the single player or multiplayer demo should make your decision much easier. Here's the list of current ToCA Race Driver 3 reviews:

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