Top 10 Sellers at the Barret Jackson Palm Beach Auction

In between all the various races over the weekend I caught some of the Barret Jackson Auction taking place in Palm Beach. The auction is like crack for anyone with even a passing interest in collectible cars and I love the fact that the Speed Channel offers so much coverage. It sure beats the hell out of Pinks and Texas Hardtails reruns. The Palm Beach auction wasn't quite as good as Scottsdale but there was still plenty of eye candy. With a few exceptions, the cars also didn't seem to be bringing in astronomical bids like they did at the Scottsdale auction. Before I ramble on forever, here's the top 10 sellers from Palm Beach:

The entire list of results for the Palm Beach auction can be found at Barret Jackson's website. Now I'm off to kick myself once again for selling my '71 'Cuda years ago.

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  1. […] If you happened to turn on the Speed Channel at any time over the weekend, you likely caught some of the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction. I always end up watching quite a bit of these auctions as they can be pretty addicting for car buffs. Last year I posted the Top 10 sellers from the Palm Beach auction so I figured I would post a list for the latest Scottsdale auction as well. A few of the prices below are skewed a bit due to the fact that some of vehicles on the block were charity bids. For example, the CNN Hummer was auctioned off to benefit the Fisher House Foundation. […]

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