Using GTR2 Tracks in the WTCC RACE Demo

So you've practically worn out Brands Hatch in SimBin's recently released WTCC RACE demo and are wishing you could try some other tracks, say from GTR2. Well, you're in luck. Head over to this thread at RaceSimCentral and download the exe files necessary to play the tracks from your retail copy of GTR2. You'll need to copy the track folders over from your GTR2's Gamedata\Locations folder into the corresponding folder in your RACE demo install. Then start the game using the exe for the track you want to play. The track won't show up in the RACE menu but if you click through, they will load right up. The exe files should reside in the same folder as "Race Demo.exe" for this to work. If you'd rather not download the files individually, I've uploaded a rar file containing all the exe files for the tracks listed below. I've tried several of the tracks without any problems but as with any exe file, use at your own risk! Thanks to the original poster (Alexease) at RSC for making these available and thanks to SimBin for not putting a damper on these types of mods. It's something to hold us over until the full game is available.

RACE GTR2 Track Exe Pack (40MB)

Track Exe Files Included:
Dubai National
Dubai International
Dubai GP
Dubai Club
Hockenheim Short
Hockenheim National
Hockenheim GP
Magny-Cours GP 2004
Magny-Cours GP 2003
Magny-Cours National
Spa GP 2004
Spa GP 2003
Zhuhai GP

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