Watkins Glen v2.0 Released for rFactor

Jason has released version 2.0 of his Watkins Glen track conversion for rFactor. The track was originally created by RSDG for F1C and has been converted to GTR and now rFactor. Jason and all involved did a great job on this and I think this is easily the best version of The Glen yet. I love me some Watkins Glen and can see this becoming one of my favorite tracks for rFactor. There's a long list of credits in the readme along with some other pertinent info so be sure to check it out. Download mirrors and screenshots below. The screenshots also feature the Formula Nippon mod which I posted about yesterday. I got the pedals fixed on the DFP. Either that or they're going to work on any overcast Wednesday that falls on the 20th of the month. Probably the latter. Where, oh where is that G25...

Download Watkins Glen v2.0 for rFactor (13MB):
rFactor Central

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  1. […] Mr DutchDevil has released the three layout version of Watkins Glen for GTR2. It’s a conversion of Jason’s excellent Watkins Glen track for rFactor. I love the rFactor version and it’s great to see this track make its way to GTR2. You can download the track from FileFront or Rapidshare. For more info, you can check out the release announcement thread at RSC. […]

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